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——Xinmei Packaging Solution——
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Chemical industry solutions

Chemical industry solutions

For a long time, the company has adhered to the road of scientific and technological development and growth, guided by the market, established a sound scientific and technological management mechanism, adhered to the reform of the scientific and technological system, fully mobilized the enthusiasm and creativity of scientific researchers, and developed their own to meet the different needs of domestic and foreign Soda ash, aluminum fluoride, cement, pigments, etc.) packaging machine series products
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Building materials industry solutions

Building materials industry solutions

Strengthen market management, in accordance with the strategy of "starting from the user, finally to the user", the company has established a perfect service network and technical support system to timely understand the customer's suggestions for product improvement and new product requirements, and promptly solve the production problem Provide technical support during the various difficulties and supporting processes.
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Medical industry solutions

Medical industry solutions

The excellent performance of Xinmei Packaging Company's products provides a reliable guarantee for you to achieve high accuracy and high reliability weighing. At the same time, our tailor-made products and solutions can better meet your various requirements and help you systematically solve related problems in industrial weighing and packaging.
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Food industry solutions

Food industry solutions

Usage: Suitable for packaging that requires high measurement accuracy and fragile loose objects, such as puffed glutinous rice flour, flour, coffee powder, etc. Main features: Automatically complete the entire process of feeding, measuring, filling, printing date, exhaust, and output of finished products. High measurement accuracy and high efficiency.
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