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Xinmei Packaging The excellent performance of the company's products provides a reliable guarantee for you to achieve high accuracy and high reliability weighing.

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Congratulations to the website of Hubei Xinmei Packaging Engineering Co., Ltd.!

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For a long time, the company has adhered to the road of scientific and technological development and growth, guided by the market, established a sound scientific and technological management mechanism...

Mylanfu sauce packaging machine helps "Made in China 2025"

Sauce packaging machine is especially suitable for bag packaging of convenient food se...

The development of vacuum packaging machine industry has not kept pace with demand

The development of China's vacuum packaging industry is slow, which restricts many ind...

Convenient hot pot was born, vacuum packaging machine ushered in development opportunities

Recently, Chengdu Food and Drug Administration released the "Chengdu Self-heating Conv...


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Kaifeng glutinous rice packing machine is unbelievable

Kaifeng glutin...

Glutinous rice glue is a kind of household glue commonly used in daily life. It is widely used in th...

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Talent Machinery Professional Interpretation of External Pumping Vacuum Packaging Machine

Talent Machine...

External pumping vacuum packaging machine is the new favorite of packaging. External pumping vacuum ...

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What should be paid attention to when using Yongtong Granule Packaging Machine?

What should be...

The granule packaging machine can be divided into large package and small package. The small package...

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Jingfan Packaging has the courage to break through itself

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Haolong Automation leads the automatic packaging machine

?In recent years, more and more people have started talking about Industry 4.0. Automation, Internet[View More]


Maintenance and maintenance of automatic pillow packing machine

The main reasons for the failure of the automatic pillow packaging machine: improper installation, u...[View More]


Do you really understand automatic paper-plastic packaging machines?

Automatic paper-plastic packaging machine includes conveying track, feeding port, film heating machi...[View More]

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